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Strictly Regulated

24. Apr 2018

In a month the grace period is over. Starting May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has to be applied in every country of the EU. What does this mean for organizers of sport events? How are they affected? Experts from different fields took a look at these questions during an event in...


13. Apr 2018

The Rennsteiglauf was the most popular marathon in German-speaking countries held in 2017. It was the result of the readers' choice at marathon4you.de. We wanted to find out what contributes to the appeal of the event and talked to one of the participants, who will be taking part in 2018 for a...

Biting Cold and Hot Blueberry Soup

12. Apr 2018

Vasaloppet is said to be the world’s largest and toughest cross-country ski race. But it is so much more than a sporting event. The air vibrates when 15,800 skiers leave Sälen in snow-covered Western Sweden. And that is just for the main race during that week!

Feet on the Mat

03. Apr 2018

We were curious and took out our calculator. The question that we had was: If we put together all the timing mats that we had in use 2017 what is the size of the area that we cover?

New Series: Profiles

03. Apr 2018

In this series we will be introducing the mika:timing and EST staff and their positions. We'll be chatting with them about happy moments, adrenaline rushes, and the important tools they use. Today, we begin with the Project Manager. 

Yellow Icon

03. Apr 2018

It is small, light, robust. And yellow. The ChampionChip. The probably most popular timing system. Many athletes even have their own ChampionChip....

Paper Work

03. Apr 2018

For many events mika:timing is taking care of preparing the race packets. How many envelopes did we pack in 2017, we were wondering?

Happy Easter!

29. Mar 2018

A wonderful Easter weekend to you and your families from all of us at mika:timing and EST! And to all of you who are participating in one of the many...

The Early Bird….

16. Mar 2018

The race in Dubai was full of atmosphere. The early start in the morning, the dense fog which lay over the city when the sun came up, the...