Hidden Run

26. Jul 2017

“We are all at Dusseldorf airport. Our bags with running gear in hand. We are very excited of course. And then ... there comes our ticket. This year our destination is...

STOCKHOLM! The secret of the 2017 Hidden Run is out“, tells us Jörg Peters about that Wednesday mid of May when he and his wife Nicole went for a run in Stockholm. We meet the couple at the Stockholm Marathon Expo and are very surprised to hear that they had been in Stockholm two weeks earlier.

They tell us about their participation in the “Hidden Run“ that the Cologne Marathon organizes once a year. This time there were 58 runners from Germany in the group. Everybody who can do 21 kilometers in 2:15h or faster can apply. Usually there are 50 spots. But this year the demand was so high – as we already reported – that they offered additional spots. The group runs 18 kilometers past the most beautiful places in Stockholm, across the whole city. The same day they return to Düsseldorf.

“It is a bit crazy, but the idea and the realization are fantastic, they can count us in again for next year“, Jörg Peters is beaming. By the way and as the picture shows, he is also part of the Cologne Marathon ambassador group, as is his wife Nicole. These ambassadors are running in Germany and other countries. Everybody who runs a marathon and meets one of the ambassadors (in their typical shirt) receives the offer to register for the Cologne Marathon at a discounted rate. The ambassadors are also present at several marathon expos and answer questions about running a marathon. This year Nicole and Jörg Peters have not only participated in the Stockholm but also in the Hamburg marathon.

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