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28. Aug 2017

Easy, efficient, environment-friendly. The LIVE bib number printing. Developed by mika:timing it is used at 20 sports events in three countries. Today we explain by text and video how it works.

A confirmation of registration – on a mobile phone or as printout – is all the participants need when picking up their starter package. At the event’s expo the counters for the LIVE bib number printing are set up. They are equipped with laptop, screen, scanners and printers, and they are always staffed with at least one person. The QR code is scanned, the data record is called and checked one more time. Then the printers start and produce bib number and label. In the meantime the timing chip that the athlete brought is scanned or if they don’t have their own transponder, a rental chip is scanned and handed out. All of it is done in no time. And there is even enough time for a brief conversation. Experience shows: waiting times are significantly shorter. Participants can go to every counter. There are no pre-produced starter packages sorted by alphabet or bib number waiting at the counters. Purchasing, packaging, storing and transport of the envelopes are not necessary. If you prepare starter packages you always produce them also for those participants who are no-shows. If printed directly on site, you use only material that you really need. And there is more flexibility when it comes to data management. Changes can be made until the last minute (for example re-registrations).

Christian Jost, commercial manager for SCC, organizer of the Berlin Marathon, and Harald Mika, managing director of mika:timing came up with the idea for LIVE bib number printing. The technical development and implementation was done by mika:timing. The following events use the LIVE bib number printing in 2017:

Berlin Marathon

Berlin Halbmarathon


Frankfurt Marathon

Hamburg Marathon

Köln Marathon

München Marathon

Freiburg Marathon

Hannover Marathon

Wien Marathon

Stockholm Marathon

Linz Marathon

Vasaloppet’s Winter Week

Vasaloppet’s Summer Week

Würzburg Marathon

Click the link and watch the video.

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