11. Aug 2017

Right at the starting signal participants at many bicycle, running, and skiing events briefly tap on their mobile phone. They activate a tracking app. And from this moment on family and friends are with them in the race.

That was also the case on the last weekend of July at some of the races of the big bicycling festivals “Rad am Ring” at the Nürburgring and „Prudential Ride London-Surrey“ in London. In London tracking per app was possible for the 100-mile and the 46-mile races. At „Rad am Ring“ for all 24-hour and „Jedermann“ races. Every fourth participant in London and every third team at the Nürburgring used the app, tracked their times and position and shared the information online on social networks. In total 900,000 kilometers have been tracked on that one weekend.

The tracking app, developed by mika:timing, uses the GPS data of the mobile phones as well as the measured times. At every split point a new split time is sent to the app through the LIVE results service of mika:timing. The estimated finish time is calculated and updated. GPS position and split times are coordinated and squared. If necessary the athlete’s position on the map is adjusted.

Spectators keep an eye on their athletes live on the web or through the app on their phones. Participants can find information about points of interests nearby as for example stations with food and drinking as well as an overview of their split times and their expected finish time. After the race they can see all their results on one screen: split times, speed and of curse their finish time. mika tracking works not only for individual athletes but also for teams.

There are some events that use mika tracking for safety reasons. One example is Nattvasan, the night race of the famous Vasaloppet. 750 teams of two ski through Sweden. 90 kilometers. At night. The most part of the track leads them through unpopulated areas, only from time to time the athletes pass a village. For safety reasons every team has a mobile phone with the tracking app in order to make sure that the Vasaloppet team knows position and progress for every team at any time.

Since mika tracking premiered at the Cologne Marathon in 2015 it has been offered to athletes at many events in different countries. And it was very well received. Also at the bicycling weekend end of July. Just on these two days 5.5 million data sets, that means positionings, have been processed by the servers of mika:timing.

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