Through Thick and Thin – A Sustainable Star

25. Jan 2018

It is small and yellow, sleeps for a long time. But when it awakes it is immediately ready. And does a fantastic job. Neither rain nor snow is able to stop it. It stays with you through mud and water. 

At triathlon, duathlon, marathon, inline skating, cross country and obstacle race events. We are talking about the ChampionChip, part of the timing system that numerous sport events use. It is an extremely robust piece of technology und makes sure that every participant is listed with exact split and finishing times.

A large number of athletes – in Germany more than 900,000 – own their own ChampionChip, many of them use it since a long time again and again at their races. Others receive a rental chip.  
mika:timing has been among the first companies in Germany to include the ChampionChip in their portfolio. Being robust is not the only good quality it has. It is also eco-friendly: as a multi-use version it can be reused. Less waste, more sustainability for races. Furthermore the chip detection is permanently ensured, because there is no battery that needs to be replaced.

In 2018 there will be again a lot of events that use the ChampionChip. An event calendar with links to the respective events can be found at

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