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After-Work Run

18. Jun 2018

A fantastic running event directly at the front door? There was no question for the mika:timing team that they would participate. 11 of them started at the Galeria Kaufhof Nigh Run, which was organized by ASV Köln.


31. May 2018

On June 2 the Stockholm Marathon turns 40. It was one of the first real city marathons. We spoke with Ulf Saletti, the ASICS Stockholm Marathon Race Director, about a dynamic history and future plans.

Snow Again

29. May 2018

It is ready for you. Our video about Vasaloppet Winter Week 2018. It shows athletic top-performances, glimpses behind the scenes and takes you on a flight over fascinating landscapes in the heart of Sweden. Have a look.


18. May 2018

For the athletes at mika:timing the season is also already in full swing. Christoph Kwiatkowski, project manager in Bergisch Gladbach and triathlete, ran the half-marathon at Deutsche Post Marathon Bonn. We talked to him after the race.

Top Position

09. May 2018

The 33rd Haspa Marathon Hamburg had a brand-new service ready for participants and fans: the official Haspa Marathon Hamburg App. More than 30,000 downloads made it a huge success. It was top ranked in the category sports in the Apple app store.

Strictly Regulated

24. Apr 2018

In a month the grace period is over. Starting May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has to be applied in every country of the EU. What...


13. Apr 2018

The Rennsteiglauf was the most popular marathon in German-speaking countries held in 2017. It was the result of the readers' choice at...

Biting Cold and Hot Blueberry Soup

12. Apr 2018

Vasaloppet is said to be the world’s largest and toughest cross-country ski race. But it is so much more than a sporting event. The air vibrates when...

Feet on the Mat

03. Apr 2018

We were curious and took out our calculator. The question that we had was: If we put together all the timing mats that we had in use 2017 what is the...