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Virgin Money London Maraton - A major event with the latest innovations

17. Nov 2021

The marathon season is slowing down now and it’s already been more than a month since we packed our vans and hit the road to London. But what an event it was! Within the large mika:timing team on site there was a special atmosphere of both excitement and relief as the Virgin Money London...

Riga Marathon - The race that happened

08. Oct 2021

After the last year and its consequences of which we are well too familiar with, we were all very keen to work on an event again. The Riga Marathon 2021 was going to be one of the bigger city races for mika:timing for quite a while. Therefore, we were all excited with anticipation as we...

Kungsbackaloppet - The oldest annual long distance race in the world

22. Jun 2021

Last Saturday, the 124th consecutive Kungsbackaloppet was held when 113 brave runners despite the heatwave ran the half-marathon through central Kungsbacka. This keeps the record streak alive for the world's oldest long distance race.

- Yes, I'm pretty sure we can call ourselves that,
says Lars...

The new normal? - Insights into new ways of working

05. May 2021

Being part of the sport events world, mika:timing has to face the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic. Many events have been postponed or even cancelled, which turned our calendars upside down. For most of our personnel this means work reduction. At some places though, this situation brought new...

The fastest way to Tokyo

18. Apr 2021

Under the tagline ”The fastest way to Tokyo” around 70 invited elite athletes will try to claim a ticket to the Tokyo Olympic Games. The NN Mission Marathon will take place on a specially designed course on Twente Airport and this one-off event will be one of only a few road marathons this spring....

2020 - The Year of change

18. Dec 2020

At this time a year ago, we summed up an eventful season and looked back on lots of successful races and competitions. We timed world records as well...

Experiences from the Challenge Women Virtual Run

19. Aug 2020

Then came the race weekend and right on time at 10 o'clock the starting signal was broadcasted to the world via live stream and the virtual race...

Interview with Monika Fiedler on the first Challenge Women Virtual Run

24. Jul 2020

The literal darned 7th year hit the Challenge Women Roth this year. Under normal circumstances, more than 2,000 enthusiastic and athletically...

Customer event at Stockholm Marathon

20. Jun 2019

Nice early summer weather, new ideas that were exchanged and a pleasant city run in central Stockholm. It was a successful weekend when est...