New Series: Profiles

03. Apr 2018

In this series we will be introducing the mika:timing and EST staff and their positions. We'll be chatting with them about happy moments, adrenaline rushes, and the important tools they use. Today, we begin with the Project Manager. 

Yellow Icon

03. Apr 2018

It is small, light, robust. And yellow. The ChampionChip. The probably most popular timing system. Many athletes even have their own ChampionChip. Others receive a rental chip from us at the events. In the course of the year: How many Chips are in use at competitions?

Paper Work

03. Apr 2018

For many events mika:timing is taking care of preparing the race packets. How many envelopes did we pack in 2017, we were wondering?

Happy Easter!

29. Mar 2018

A wonderful Easter weekend to you and your families from all of us at mika:timing and EST! And to all of you who are participating in one of the many Easter runs: Good luck! Enjoy your race!

The Early Bird….

16. Mar 2018

The race in Dubai was full of atmosphere. The early start in the morning, the dense fog which lay over the city when the sun came up, the international field of participants and the outstanding results - all of that contributed to the special ambience.

Mud and Happiness at Gotland Grand National

09. Mar 2018

The biggest enduro race in the world! That is Gotland Grand National. Each year over 3000 participants – and bikes – take on the challenge that requires a good mud guard for sure!

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