Customer event at Stockholm Marathon

20. Jun 2019

Nice early summer weather, new ideas that were exchanged and a pleasant city run in central Stockholm. It was a successful weekend when est mika:timing invited to a customer event at Stockholm Marathon.

Normally when we meet our timing customers at est mika:timing it is during their events. The focus then is to make sure that timing and other services are delivered in a perfect way. The organizer on the other hand has plenty of things on his table to take care of. Obviously not the best environment for small talk and to discuss new ideas. That’s why est mika:timing decided to invite their customers to a customer event during ASICS Stockholm Marathon. The thought behind it was to be able to socialize under more convenient circumstances, exchange ideas and also to be inspired by how we work together with the largest marathon event in Sweden.

The response was good! Despite full calendars we were 13 people that enjoyed an enriching weekend in the capital of Sweden. At site we started with a walk through at est mika:timings photo box service. After the finish all participants were offered to take a finisher photo with their medal on and their finisher time visible. After that we continued to look at the Liveprint solution at the Stockholm Marathon Expo. Fortunately we had some test pilots within the group since the guys from Åstol Runt and Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon had accepted the challenge to run the full marathon. We could therefor witness how smooth it was to get the bib number printed at site and that it only took a few seconds to get the baggage tags printed and the timing chip live allocated. Time efficient and environmentally friendly.

A few more participants from the group were also keen on running, but a bit shorter, and collected their start envelopes for the 5k High Five race that was held later in the afternoon the same day. We got to experience the same starting line as for the marathon, but in the opposite direction. And it was a popular race. In the first kilometer it was almost impossible to overtake or to be bypassed by someone else for that matter. But then we could start to run along the course that included sharp turns, steep hills and in the end the finish line at Stockholms Stadium where the rest of the group cheered for us. We could now tick the exersize part off the list and it was time to take a visit to est mika:timings results office!

The evening offered greek food, good talks and loads of ideas on how we can do even better races and events together.

Well-rested we then met at Saturday morning for the main attraction of the weekend. We downloaded the Stockholm Marathon app delivered by est mika:timing and added our favorites to get updates during the race. Then we moved to Lidingövägen in time for the big countdown and to see the classic start. And they were off!

For est mika:timing and our customers the program ended here and we could summarize a successful and fun customer event.

A big thank you to Sala Silverman, Åstol Runt, Bockstensturen, Skutskjutet and Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon for helping us make the customer event so interesting. And thank you to Stockholm Marathon for a great event. Let’s do this again!

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