Laps for Life - the race that makes a difference

13. May 2019

It was only two years ago when Carolines dad Mats Rafstedt rapidly passed away in cancer. After a short and intense period of treatment at the Jubileumskliniken he unfortunately lost the battle against the terrible disease. 

Short after the idea of Laps for Life was born and in two years over 700 000 SEK has been collected to fight cancer. When Mats passed away the family asked the question, how can we contribute and make a difference? The answer was Laps for Life which was arranged for the first time in April 2018 in Mölnlycke. The first event was a huge success with 355 916 SEK collected to Jubileumskliniken. And this year it was time again. Laps for Life is a running event where you should run as many laps as you can during one hour on the 1 kilometer long track around Massetjärn. Before the race each participant collects sponsors who are willing to donate an optional amount of money per lap and then all run laps and the donated amount per lap are summarized into a total amount.

est mika:timing were partner already last year and when we got the question again the answer was easy. Of course we wanted to be a part of the event and make sure it could be organized again. Our mission was to provide timing mats for the lap point, monitor amount of run laps and to present results.

143 people attended the race which was an increase from last year. Many runners from 2018 returned and new participants joined as well. The goal was to create a positive event with the focus on relatives and friends affected by cancer, but also to offer an exciting race. And of course there was also the hope of raising a lot of money.

- When it comes to the fundraising we of course had the goal to beat last year’s number. But we were also very hesitant towards that goal since last year was so incredible, the organizers Caroline and Adriel tells us.

The race offered a broad range of runners with different ambitions. The most important was to participate but in the front of the race it was a competition as always. Three runners managed to run 18 laps each and fastest of them all was Richard Bäckström.

And then it was time to summarize the collected funds. 366 795 SEK was donated by the participants and their supporters!

- We succeeded! Amazing! We are so happy and thankful for this and so incredibly happy with the day.

A nice tradition has started and already made a big achievement. Hopefully we will meet in Mölnlycke again in April next year. Because together we can make a difference!

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