18. Oct 2018

In this series we will be introducing the mika:timing and EST staff and their positions. We'll be chatting with them about happy moments, adrenaline rushes, and the important tools they use. Today: the warehouse manager.

Organizational genius. Master of planning. Order angel. These would be fitting titles for Klaus Neuhäuser, according to his colleagues. Warehouse manager sounds a bit like a grey overall and a clipboard. We're standing in his office. We can't see the grey coat. And the clipboard? Klaus laughs. "The clipboard is sometimes accurate. Grey coat actually not in the slightest." Klaus Neuhäuser has been responsible for managing the IT equipment at mika:timing since 2009, and, incidentally, for some other things as well.
His empire is the large warehouse that accommodates all the material. And that he is always in control. Even in the weeks when there are many events taking place at the same time, everything has to be done fast and he needs to plan the distribution, delivery and return of the equipment in detail.
The project managers send their lists of requirements to Klaus. They have assembled the equipment for their respective event. On some weekends these lists are quite lengthy and numerous. Klaus plans and distributes the material. Along with his team, he prepares all the necessary equipment for the project manager, so that he only has to load it. But sometimes there is an additional step. "The project managers carry out test runs before the big events," explains Klaus. "This means that my colleagues and I prepare the complete IT equipment and arrange everything in such a way that the team, which will then be on site, can check on everything once." There are 70 computers in a row, printers, scanners and more. "We'll tag everything so they will know what belongs where at the event."
It's not very common to find Klaus at his desk at the beginning of the week. He and his team are at the warehouse, receiving the equipment that is being returned from the field. Every bag or box is opened and checked to ensure that it is complete. Components that have been flagged are set aside for maintenance or repair. And everything is documented and recorded in detail.
The maintenance and repair operations must be properly planned. After all, the equipment will be needed again soon. This also applies to the timekeeping material. Although planning and distribution is not within Klaus' scope of responsibilities, maintenance is. As well as the cleaning. "On Monday, after an obstacle course, we spend a lot of time cleaning the mud off in the yard with the high-pressure washer." The repair needs are recorded using a form. And Klaus checks if every piece of the equipment was returned after the weekend.
Klaus always knows where to find which piece of equipment. And sometimes he also has to juggle with it because, although everything is well organized, it is not possible to plan everything. The return transport of the equipment from the Chicago marathon, for example, can take longer than expected.
When the project managers load the crates that Klaus and his team have been preparing, he likes to drop by and visit. Every now and then he gives them a little tip about the path. He smiles: "I'm pretty much looking after the material to ensure it's well treated." He likes to keep the list of repairs as short as possible.
And he's in charge of the little issues, too. A missing light bulb, a stuck door. All it takes is a visit to his desk. Well... sometimes it's better to make a phone call. Because Klaus isn't at his desk that often.

And that's what we wanted to know:
The adrenaline level increases....
"... when something is missing at a local event and you need to get it as soon as possible."
Fun factor
"Hurray! I still like coming to work every morning. I start around 6-6:30 a.m.."
Main working tool
"As I work a lot with a lot of lists, I use markers to highlight something in color. Oh, and I use that forklift a lot!"
Greatest moment of happiness
"When the weekend is over and everything has gone smoothly. When all the equipment was on site and worked fine."

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