Running Lights – A point of light in the autumn darkness

05. Dec 2018

Alingsås. The hometown of potatoes and the capital of Swedish ”fika” with all its small cafés spread around town. But when the autumn darkness comes, it is also home of the celebrated light festival ”Lights in Alingsås”. The annual event where the city is lit up by different light installations. And for the ninth consecutive year the race Running Lights, which offers runners of all ages an extraordinary race experience, was arranged.

They have really succeeded in reaching all ages. This year you (could -> sind tatsächlich Personen in dem Alter angemeldet? Wenn ja, muss hier can stehen. Could ist “könnte”) find two 2-year olds as well as one 75-year old participant in the start field of the race. The youngest ones start first in the afternoon. Followed by the kids race, youth race, relay, and the new run for this year, the adventure run.

We always want to offer something new. Nowadays it is really popular with swimruns ( Ich würde hier vielleicht “SwimRuns” schreiben, weil das ein neugebildetes Compound ist und nicht wirklich ein Wort. Geht meiner Meinung nach eher in Richtung Eigenname. ) and OCR races and this is our interpretation of it.

Despite of the cold October night 93 participants started in the adventure run and the toughest obstacle was probably to cross the river Lillån. This was of course where most of the audience had gathered.

There were actually more girls than boys in the adventure run. Guys are usually a bit afraid to try something new, Jan says.

The gender equality is one of the areas where Running Lights (is in the front edge. -> Was genau soll hier ausgedrückt warden? Die Formulierung liest sich ein bisschen unrund.) This year there was almost exactly 50/50 between women and men participating in the different races.


At 18:00 in the evening, it was time for the 5k race. And as the runners started to cross the finish line the darkness fell over the town. Candles, torches and light ramps were lit and by the start of the 10k race the sky was completely dark. In total about 1100 people ran or walked one of the races and got to experience a illuminated Alingsås, and the organizers were satisfied with the day.

It’s pure joy. And not a single injury even though we had an adventure run, Jan Furunger sums up.

So if you want an extraordinary running experience, you should plan a visit to Alingsås next autumn. Next year will be the 10-year anniversary of Running Lights.

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