Successful launch of Hyrox in Leipzig

19. Jun 2019

Successful launch in Leipzig: HYROX – a world novelty in the German sports industry – and mika:timing was also there from the start! Fitness is with over 9 million members in studios and gyms the largest organized sport in Germany. 52% of these members consider fitness as their sport. In difference to Runners, Triathletes, Cyclists or Obstacle Racers, there is no high-quality competition for this target group in which everyone can participate.

This gap closes meanwhile the agency for sport marketing Upsolut Sports from Hamburg with a world-wide new Fitness Competition. With the slogan "HYROX - FOR EVERY BODY", the fittest man and woman were searched in various cities in Germany and Austria since autumn 2018. The nine-part event series started in Leipzig last October.

HYROX is the first sports event which combines all the three training methods in one event: functional strength training, high-intensity interval training - consisting of athletic training, Strongman and CrossFit - combined with classic endurance running. HYROX is neither another obstacle course nor a CrossFit event.

Due to our many years of expertise in the field of timekeeping and online registration, we are involved as a service provider right from the start. So our colleagues support the participants with the live chip - assignment, i.e. with the collection of the starting documents. All athletes are equipped with the active transponders of mika:timing. In addition, there are 20 time measuring systems to measure the eight disciplines of HYROX each - as well as the entrance and exit control in the so-called "Roxzone" and the timing at the start and finish. For this purpose, a ranking for the individual disciplines is created. This ranking is valid within each city e.g. in the categories "man" or "woman" as well as "normal athlete" or so-called "pro athlete", as well as across cities or Germany, Europe and later even worldwide. This procedure is carried out in the same way in all cities.

And the kick-off in Leipzig was successful: "We are delighted that the event got off so successfully," says Oliver Flores, project manager for HYROX at mika:timing. "The HYROX Competition is something different than a triathlon or marathon, for example. The special challenge here is to accommodate our technically complex set-up in a hall. Basically, it is very cool to be able to support such a new sporting event from the very beginning with our technical know-how and to joint set new standards for sporting events".

Around 1.000 participants take part in each event every day and compete in four different performance classes. They all try to complete the eight-kilometer running course and the various temporary workouts and at the end receive individual finisher times that can be compared and ranked worldwide thanks to our standardized event setup.

The other cities for the event series in 2018 were Hamburg, Essen and Stuttgart in Germany and Vienna in Austria. The highlight of the HYROX season 2018/2019 was the World Championships in various age groups, which were held for the first time at the beginning of April in the world's first fitness centre, "The MIRAI", in Oberhausen.

The event series is now entering the next round. In November, HYROX even starts in the USA, and mika:timing will be there as well.

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